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Client Name:  Stand In The Gap Ministries

Identified Needs:

Stand in the Gap Ministries struggled with the challenges of making ACT!, a salesforce CRM, accommodate their fundraising management needs. Not only was ACT! inconsistent with their management needs, they had no means of allowing concurrent users to access the database as it was managed from the admin's desktop. During the initial consultation meeting, SITGM quickly discovered the benefits of Drupal and CiviCRM.

What We Did:

Donor developed a comprehensive plan that included a methodology to convert data from ACT! to CiviCRM and develop a custom Drupal theme to support SITGM's content requirements.  This was staged over a period of several months, with several iteration changes in between.  Upon completion of the project, Donor Depot invested time in training and equipping key personnel on how to manage a powerful fundraising plaftorm.

Key Solutions:

Drupal, CiviCRM, Payment Acceptance Gateway

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