As a rule of thumb, it generally takes two to three business days to get set up and processing payments. Most delays in the underwriting and setup process are a result of missing information. Our experienced account managers offer quality assurances to make this a great experience for our customers.

Credit card and debit card payments typically settle in twenty-four to forty-eight hours from the time they have been authorized. However in the case of ACH (check) transactions, it may take up to five business days to settle into your bank account.

This depends on how you want you want your payment authorizations to be managed. For groups that don’t want to undertake the costs of setting up their own merchant account, they can create a free Pay Pal account and we will configure Pay Pal to pass the funds onto Pay Pal to settle your funds.

Merchant accounts provide businesses the ability to accept credit card and debit cards payments.  The process of getting a merchant account requires the merchant (business) to submit financial information to a MSP (merchant service provider). 

Absolutely. Donor Depot as well all other Donor Depot products are backed by industry standard technologies and PCI/CISP compliance standards.